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If Clouds Were Sheep

My new book 'Jumping Over Clouds' is now out and can be purchased from Amazon or signed copies direct from me.

If Clouds Were Sheep - the new memoir OUT NOW


“Was it faith in ourselves or a flight of fancy that allowed us to dream of farming? We had no inherited farm, no livestock and very little money. My dream included horses. For Aubrey, farming was in his blood.”

We are delighted to announce that you can read our true story of a shepherding life in new memoir If Clouds Were Sheep.

If Clouds Were Sheep by Sue Andrews is available now in ebook and paperback. It is currently celebrating its second week as an Amazon UK Bestseller!

‘An enchanting picture of farming life, full of warmth and humour' ~ Katie Fforde

It seems an impossible dream at first for Sue and Aubrey. She is a horse-mad girl strongly attracted to the idea of farming, Aubrey is the son of a farm manager without land or money. But with limited knowledge, much enthusiasm and the challenge of raising their young family, anything can happen.

This is the true story of a shepherding life; where icy nights are spent searching for lost sheep, the lambing sheds are filled with the first cries of newborns, and idyllic summers are spent in the show ring.

Amusing, poignant and beautifully detailed, this is a book about how dreams can grow from small beginnings into breeding prize-winning Texel sheep in the Cotswolds.

Buy your copy of If Clouds Were Sheep now on Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/If-Clouds-Were-Sheep-Cotswolds/dp/1999870557/

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