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Texels For Sale

Good selection of Texel Shearling rams for sale.  Types and prices to suit most. 

MiserdenTexel Shearling rams, Ram lambs and females often for sale.
Several Shearling ewes and possibly older ewews will be for sale in lamb.  Please ring if interested.

Texel Shearling Rams for Sale

Texel Shearling Rams

We have a selection of Texel Shearling Rams FOR SALE direct from the farm.  All are Signet recorded for growth rate, muscle and fat.  Breeding and figures can be seen on BASCO website. 

White and Blue Texel Shearling Rams in their working clothes, for sale direct from the farm.

White and Blue Texel Shearling Rams in their working clothes For Sale direct from the farm.

Shearling Ewes

White and Blue Texel Shearling Ewes on Farm.  Four Texel Shearling Ewes will be for sale at English National Texel sale Worcester.  We still have a few top quality Signet Recorded white Texel Ewes for sale.  Blue Texel Shearling Ewes will be for sale at Worcester and Builth Blue Texel sales, and direct from farm.

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