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Miserden Blue Texels 2014


 In July 2014 we sold two Miserden Blue Texel gimmers and a ram lamb to Janet Carson in Northern Ireland and purchased a Dutch bred ram lamb, Little Whiskers Xander, from Janet.  We look forward with great interest to the progeny of this ram in 2015.  Later in the year Janet came back to purchase five more females. 

In 2014 such was the interest in privately purchasing our sheep that although we had five excellent shearling ewes for sale at the Worcester sale along with two ewe lambs and two breeders ram lambs plus another four females to go to the NSA Builth Ram sales in the Society sale, we ended up without a single animal reaching the sales. All stock available for sale was sold direct from the farm, either in the UK or to Northern Ireland.  Blue Texel shearling rams also sold direct from the farm to a very buoyant commercial market, often for first time lambers and outdoor lambing flocks as their lambs are easily born, quick to get up and suck and a very popular choice with the local farmers.

In 2014 along with the Dutch bred ram lamb from Janet Carson, Little Whiskers Xander we also purchased another, totally unrelated Dutch bred ram lamb at the Builth NSA sale, Seahawes Extra Blue.  All three rams along with Miserden Vinnie have been used this year throughout the flock, which has now grown to 40 ewes, and we look forward to our new crop of 2015 lambs. 

We do not do ET as we see little point in producing too many sheep of the same bloodlines, however by careful management we are able to offer our customers a selection of different bloodlines, some totally unique to the Miserden flock.



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