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Introducing our new Texel Ram Lamb, Cambwell Dreadnought (Robbie).  Purchased at English National sale at Worcester last week.  Really delighted with him.  Will look forward to seeing his progeny next spring.
Fabulous top line, always stands square, head full of character.

Miserden Blue Texels have several top class shearling ewes for sale.

Miserden Danbury by Miserden Bronx out of Sheartsone Volleyball ewe.  Sold to first pedigree breeder who saw him.  Sorry if you missed him!

We have thirty Texel shearling rams and fifteen Blue Texels for sale.  Well grown, Signet recorded showing great muscle and conformation. 
Well recomended by regular purchasers. 

Texels, Blue Texels and Charolais X Texels for sale this year.  All our stock reared commercially.  No embryo transfer, so no lambs reared by milky Mules, simply on their own mothers.  Usually as twins.  All showing excellent, genuine growth rates.
Shearlings, lambs and possibly some older animals will all be for sale.
MV accredited and Scrapie monitored.  Crossbred ewes ideal as recipients.
Please ring or email for more details.

Sensible prices.  Crossbreds from £150, Texel and Blue texel shearling ewes from £400
Top of the range breeding stock from £600 upwards.
Also have five blue Blue Texel x Lleyn ewe lambs if anyone just wants colour but not desperate for pedigree animals.  Crossed with a Blue texel will always breed blue.
Numerous white Blue Texel x Lleyn ewe lambs as well. 

Shearling ewes just freshly sheared, heading back to their field.  Texels, Blue Texels and crossbreds suitable for recipients will be for sale later this year.  All MV accredited and scrapie monitored.

22nd March 2020 

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Countryfile this week acknowledged the input from farmers instead of slagging them off as usual?

Farmers are not accepted as key workers, and can often cope with their children being at home, but let us remember they are key workers.

Without them there is no milk and dairy produce, bread etc., eggs or meat. 

Our praise to those Farm Shops and little independent village shops who are providing fruit and vegetables and general groceries they can obtain from suppliers, including toilet roll!  Also, to those who live in the countryside who are not trying to clear the shelves in these shops. 

We now notice an unrivalled amount of people walking through the countryside, often with their dogs, in order to have sufficient self-isolating or social distancing exercise.  The countryside belongs to everyone and those living in towns and cities need this escape and we respect that.  Please could the general public respect the fact that the countryside is our workplace.

Although there are idiots about like Chris Packham, saying farmers can’t continue to work as they will be self-isolating, please use your common sense.  Obviously we are still working.  We cannot postpone or cancel lambing or calving, we will be cultivating and drilling fields as soon as the ground dries up sufficiently.  Self-isolation can happen in the cab of a tractor or the lambing shed as well as in a house.

Most important of all, when walking the dog, please keep it on a lead.  The countryside is not just a free for all exercise area.  There are often footpaths running through fields of pregnant ewes, who will be stressed by even led dogs, chased they will probably abort their lambs and possibly be killed as well.  The same goes for pregnant cattle.

In fields of ewes with lambs, young lambs can become separated from their mothers and distressed. Cows with young calves can be dangerous.

Keep safe and self-isolate or social distance, but please don’t lose all perspective of common sense like those emptying the supermarket shelves.

Miserden Texels and Corinium Blue Texels head to Russia, for the Agros Expo in Moscow.  Russian farmers will be offered the chance to purchase breeding stock to improve their indigenous sheep breeds, producing better quality meat.

The Kremlin from the UK Ambassador's residence, where we attended a reception.

Aub on the stand at Strogino, Moscow.

My new book 'If Clouds Were Sheep' is now available worldwide from Amazon. It can also be purchased from WHSmiths, Waterstones, and independent book shops.  Retail price £8.99
Anyone who would like to purchase from me direct may do so.  I will send out a signed copy for £12 to include postage and packing.

It is a tale of how Miserden Texels evolved.  A story that contains family and friends, sheep and dramas.  Difficult lambings, show successes and foreighn travel resulting in our sheep being sold worldwide.
I so hope you all enjoy it.

September 2019
Texel and Blue Texel Shearling Rams for sale.  MV accredited and scrapie monitored.
Prices range from £350 - £600 but give us a ring and I'm sure we can sort something for you.

September 2019
We have about twenty well grown Texel shearling ewes for sale.

2018 Texel and Blue Texel Shearling Rams for sale.

Texel shearling ewes all sold to start a new Texel flock.

For the second year running Blue Texel semen will be used in the Ram Compare programme.  This time semen from Miserden Vinnie, a very successful ram in the flock, will be used.

Miserden Young Rebel, sire of Builth Champion Miserden Blitzen and one of two Blue Texels being used on commercial flocks for the Signet Ram Compare scheme.

As if winning the breed Champion at both Moreton and Newbury were not enough, we then produced Miserden Blitzen, by Miserden Young Rebel, to become supreme Champion at Builth Blue Texel Show and sale.  Sold to Mathew Jones at Glan Y Mor Blue Texels who we wish great success with. 

Blue Texel Miserden Amber excelled herself again at Moreton in Marsh show, winning Breed Championship, Continental Interbreed and Reserve Overall Supreme to a lovely Southdown.
Then our Blue ewe lamb, having won her class, went forward with Giles Hardman's winning ram lamb and they secured the Interbreed Pairs Championship.
Pretty good day really.

Miserden Texels won Senior ram and Ewe lamb classes at Moreton show, with the ewe lamb winning Best Lamb cup and Championship rosette.  Picture of her after washing her hair!

We were delighted with both the Whites and Blue Texels at Three Counties Show this year.  We only took four White lambs but came 5th with the group then both ram lambs in the rosettes coming 5th and 7th in big classes.
Blue Texel shearling ewe Miserden Amber (below) stole the show in her class winning 1st prize.

Not only pretty to look at and great carcass sheep but Miserden Alesia was placed 3rd in Wool on the Hoof in a class of fifteen natural coloured breeds of all types.

Congratulations to Guiting Manor Farms for winning Moreton in Marsh 2017 Awards.
1st Best Commercial Rams and 2nd Best Flock of Sheep. 
Well done Nick and Harley.

Royal Ulster (Balmoral) Show Northern Ireland
11th May 2017


I was delighted and privileged to be invited to judge the Blue Texel classes, sponsored by Parkview Veterinary Clinic, at this year’s Balmoral Show in Northern Ireland.


While there were not huge classes it was lovely to see some quality animals and to meet exhibitors and members from Northern Ireland.  Janet and Andy Carson had some superb animals forward and rather dominated the major awards, especially with a beautiful shearling ewe and lovely lambs. 


As we came into the Championship I was certain that Janet’s shearling ewe had the award, but she simply refused to sparkle as she had in her class.  However the winner of the ewe class, a March lamber from A & J Knox, Ballymoney was far more alert than she had been previously, and became my worthy Champion with the shearling ewe Reserve.


It was great to see so many young handlers out in the ring with their animals and the Knox family, fairly new to the breed, were delighted with the result.


Shearling Ram:  1st  A & J Carson

                           2nd  Jonathan Rankin


Senior Ewe:     1st A & J Knox           

                        2nd  A & J Carson

                        3rd  A & J Carson


Shearling Ewe:  1st  A & J Carson

                          2nd  Andrew Cowan

                          3rd Jonathan Rankin


Ram Lamb:  1st  A & J Carson

                     2nd  A & J Carson

                     3rd:  Jonathan Rankin


Ewe Lamb:  1st A & J Carson

                     2nd A & J Carson

                     3rd  A & J Knox


Champion:  Senior Ewe A & J Knox

Reserve Champion:  Shearling Ewe A & J Carson

Wishing all our customers and friends a very Happy New Year and looking forward to an exciting 2017.  Lambing starts early February with some interesting matings both for white and Blue texels.  Whites were AI'd to Strathbogie Untouchable, Ettrick Rainbow Warrior, Glenside Razzle Dazzle to mention just a few!  Blues to Shearstone Volleyball, (Royal Welsh senior champion for three years) and several good young homebred rams used.  Please remember to order your shearling rams in good time and look forward to meeting you all at the shows in 2017.

Miserden Blue Texel Gimmer, Female Champion and Reserve Supreme at Builth Ram Sales and Society Sale.

Miserden Argonaut, Blue Texel Ram Lamb, Reserve Champion Blue Texel at Moreton in Marsh Show on Saturday.  His twin brother will be for sale at Blue Texel sale at Builth Wells NSA sale 19th September.  Top breed lines.  Just length and meat.

Texel shearling Rams

August 2016

We have a good selection of Texel, Blue Texel and Lleyn Shearling Rams for sale to suit all purposes and all budgets.  The majority of the sheep are Signet recorded and we do have several top quality High Index rams with excellent figures.

We have both both white Texels and Blue Texels, (lighter in bone with narrow heads, ideal for first time lambers) and some Lleyns.  Farmers who have bought the Blue texels have been very pleased with the carcase conformation of their lambs and the easy lambing.

Our white Texels are bigger animals, but we  produce a lighter headed, easy lambing commercial ram, and our buyers come back on a regular basis because they are very satisfied with the stock.

A couple of older rams we have bred may also be available from a dispersing flock.

All the flock is High Health Status.


White and Blue Texel Shearling Rams for sale direct from farm.  Give us a ring. 07702 670808 or 07808 593359

Texel Shearling Ewes

We have a few Texel Shearling ewes still for sale, a number of which are very High Index Signet recorded sheep. 

Blue Texels

We will have a selection of Blue texel shearling ewes, ram lambs and older rams at the Society sales at Worcester ( 2nd September 2016) and the NSA Builth sale (19th September 2016).  All are naturally bred and raised on their mothers so they are unique breeding rather than embryo transfer litters.  We also have an excellent selection of Blue Texel shearling rams for sale direct from the farm, ideal for either the commercial farmer or the Blue Texel breeder.

Miserden Texels and Blue Texels will be exhibiting at both Moreton in Marsh Show, September 3rd 2016 and Royal Berkshire (Newbury) September 17th 2016.  Do come and talk to us about the sheep.


Guiting Manor Farms, Cheltenham, were awarded 1st prize for the Best Commercial rams by Moreton in Marsh show 2015 and 2nd in best lambs.  Rams supplied by Miserden Texels

Signet Ram Compare Update 2016

visited the Ram Compare farm in Hampshire last week and were pleased to see how successful our Texel ram had been in the program.  We also heard good reprots of the other ram that went to Aylesbury.

Signet Ram Compare Programme

Two Miserden Texel Shearling Rams have been selected for use in the Signet Ram Compare Project.
AAS1401351 Miserden Vital and AAS1401255 Miserden Victor, both high index rams, have been purchased by Signet for use in their commercial Ram Compare Trials.
Vital has gone to a farm in Stoke Manderville, Bucks. while Victor is heading for Hampshire early August.

Three Counties Show Results
Great results for both White and Blue Texels.  See under Show Results

shearling ewe

4th Prize Texel Shearling Ewe in a very strong class at Three Counties, seen here chilling at home.  She is not for sale but three other smart Texel shearling ewes will be at English National at Worcester 30th August.

This Blue Texel shearling ewe by Bishops Rebel was Reserve Champion at the Worcester Blue Texel Sale 2015 and sold for 1400 gns.  She had been 2nd Prize Shearling Ewe to Breed Champion at Three Counties Show only time shown.

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